Customer retention top tips

6 April 2017

With the growing number of Opticians for consumers to choose from when it comes to their eye test, it is becoming more and more crucial for practices to ensure they are investing in customer retention and here are just a few top tips:

Offer your patients an above and beyond service

Offering your patients an enhanced service is becoming more and more important for customer retention. As more practices offer services above and beyond the standard eye test, consumers are continuously looking for above and beyond services and value for money when looking to book their eye test. There is one tried and tested way of doing this; invest in an OCT. This is still the hot topic in modern optometry practice.

Another enhanced service is offering patients an in practice dry-eye clinic to enable patients to have a full dry-eye analysis as part of their regular eye test. Equipment such as Digital Slit Lamps and Topographers are exceptional tools to offer an in-depth dry-eye analysis to patients. Not forgetting both pieces of equipment are great tools in increasing practice revenue!

Accurate and reliable technology

Patients want an accurate and in-depth analysis and to be reassured that their eye examination has been as thorough as possible. Investing in the latest technologies is crucial to enable in-depth and accurate diagnostics to be carried out on a daily basis. Ensure you invest in reliable technology as this plays a huge role in keeping patients happy – Imagine having your exam cancelled or held up due to unreliable equipment!

Introduce maximum patient comfort

Patients expect top comfort when having their eye examination and expect to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. Also allowing your patients to be tested at a faster rate allows more time speaking with the optometrist to discuss results thoroughly. Ensure you are investing in equipment that gives maximum patient comfort and allows for faster testing.