OCULUS UB5 Trial Frame

Product Code: EQ1045
At a glance:
  • Space for a total of 10 trial lenses. Lenses must be 28 mm diameter with rim (21mm diameter lens)
  • PD range from 40 - 72 mm
  • Adjustable temple tilt and length
  • Smooth axis adjustment
  • CVD scale
  • See below for more details

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  • Easy trial lens insertion
  • Nose bridge adjustment with locking mechanism
  • User-friendly controls in “soft design”
  • Suitable for children
  • Lightweight for patient comfort
  • Good distance between operating controls and the patient’s face
  • Minimal pressure thanks to large rests and optimal weight distribution
  • Flexible ear pieces
  • Closed frame temple design prevents hair from getting caught
  • Newly developed, soft nose rest (included)

Only suitable for trial lenses with a rim diameter of 28 mm (lens diameter 21 mm). Trial lenses available as a special order item – contact us.