OCULUS Pentacam® Basic

Product Code: MED0969
At a glance:
  • 360 degree scheimpflug imaging of anterior and posteior cornea, anterior chamber and crystalline lens
  • Overview screen for rapid analysis of results
  • Indicies report for quick identification of pathology or risks
  • Topographer/Tomographer
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OCULUS Pentacam® Basic – For a High Level Entry

The Pentacam is the gold standard for diagnosis in the anterior eye segment. Even the OCULUS Pentacam® Basic provides you with an overall view of it in a few seconds. It supplies topographic data on elevation and curvature of the cornea. The anterior and posterior surfaces are measured from limbus to limbus. The corneal thickness (pachymetry) is also represented graphically over its entire surface. Thus you do not merely view isolated results (as is the case with ultra‑sound screening of corneal thickness), but can determine the thinnest point of the cornea and all other irregularities quickly and reliably.

Using the data on the anterior corneal surface, keratoconus detection is performed. Important parameters such as anterior chamber angle, depth and volume are calculated and represented automatically by the software. After manual entry of the tonometrically measured intraocular pressure
(IOP), the corrected IOP value is calculated and displayed taking the corneal thickness into account.

In this way the Pentacam® supplies the basic parameters necessary for preliminary glaucoma examination. Automatic measurement activation with quality test guarantees quick, reproducible and delegable measurements.

The Pentacam® Basic can be upgraded to include two software packages and further optional software modules to suit your specific needs.

  • Pachymetry maps
  • Large range of map outputs
  • Keratoconus detection and classification
  • Anterior segment tomography

Basic Software:

  • Qualitative assessment of the cornea
    • Topography and elevation data of the anterior and posterior corneal surface
    • Overall pachymetry, absolute and relative
  • Glaucoma screening
    • Pachymetry-based IOP correction
    • Chamber angle, volume and depth
  • Topography based keratoconus detection and classification
  • Comparative displays for progression control

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280 (W) x 360 (D) x 535 (H)


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