OCULUS Imagecam®3

At a glance:
  • High-performance image documentation system
  • Serial imaging and exposure bracketing for excellent results
  • Document your entire examination in high-speed and full-HD quality
  • Easy to compare results
  • More information below...

High-performance image documentation system

Versatile application

The OCULUS ImageCam® 3 offers highest image quality and is one of the smallest and lightest full-HD image documentation systems worldwide. The camera and optics are specially designed and developed for use in slit lamp microscopy. The ImageCam® 3 can be adapted to almost all slit lamps.

Application examples

  • Documentation of the anterior and posterior eye segment
  • Quality assurance
  • Images for patient consultation
  • Fluo image assessment for contact lens fitting
  • Follow-ups and comparisons
  • Storage and archiving of findings

The hardware

  • Adaptable to virtually any slit lamp
  • Super light sensitive full-HD USB 3.0 camera
  • High-definition optics optimized for the camera
  • Ultra-compact beam splitter
  • Optics can be swivelled in and out
    • out: no optical impediment when looking
      through slit lamp
    • in: abundant light for image documentation
  • Additional mechanical iris aperture for adjusting depth of focus and exposure control directly at the beam splitter

The software

  • Patient data management
  • Image viewer
  • Single images or video sequences
  • Single-image mode (detailed representation) and four-image mode (e.g. for follow-up)
  • Image from video
  • Magnifying function
  • Measurement of lengths and angles
  • Comment field for recording abnormalities
  • Image correction for colour, brightness, contrast etc.
  • Printing function for selected images
  • Camera window
  • Pre-defined exposure programs with quick-access icons
  • Individual exposure programs can be defined
  • Easy image capture by mouse click or footswitch, or, in the “digital ready” versions of OCULUS slit lamps, using the joystick
  • Live image viewing on monitor

Serial imaging and exposure bracketing for excellent results

Serial imaging for capturing the right moment

Its quick movements make the eye a challenging photo subject. Typical image artefacts include motion
blur and image shake. The serial imaging function of the ImageCam® 3 helps you to avoid such artefacts by taking images of the eye when it is at rest.

Exposure bracketing with incremental exposure time

The eye‘s ability to adapt to light and dark makes it difficult for the examiner to correctly predict the exposure of slit lamp images. The ImageCam® 3 varies the exposure time for you automatically. From five images you can choose the one with the best exposure.

Document your entire examination in high-speed and full-HD quality

Video recordings – create single images later on as well

Film your slit lamp examinations in high-speed and full-HD quality and extract the best images for your documentation. The ImageCam® 3 saves videos
consisting of highest-definition images. Selecting the most suitable image only takes you seconds. You can then use the mouse wheel to whizz from one image to the next and store the desired one in your image library with one mouse click



Camera: Progressive scan

Interface: USB 3.0

Shutter system: Global shutter

Beam splitter

Splitting ratio: 70/30 (camera/binocular)

Splitting cube: swivel in/ swivel out

Mechanical iris aperture:  adjustable


Image viewer: Image processing, measuring tool, printing and export, camera control

Image format: JPG, BMP

Video format: AVI, MJPEG

Network capability: Central database with viewer software

Technical specifications

Dimensions camera: (W x D x H): 29 x 29 x 48 mm (1.1 x 1.1 x 1.9 in)

Dimensions beam splitter: (W x D x H): 92 x 39 to 55 x 93 mm (3.6 x 1.5 to 2.2 x 3.6 in), depending on model

Weight camera: 47 g (1.7 oz)

Weight beam splitter: 335 to 480 g (11.8 to 16.9 oz), depending on model

Recommended computer requirements: Intel Core™ i5, 256 GB SSD,1 TB SATA, 8 GB RAM, Windows® 10 Pro, USB 3.0

Recommended screen resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixel


  • OCULUS Imagecam3 Product Brochure Download
  • OCULUS Imagecam3 Instruction Manual Download
  • OCULUS Imagecam3 Adaptions Download