OCULUS Corvis® Biomechanical Tonometer & Corneal Analyser

Product Code: MED0984
At a glance:
  • True IOP measurement with analysis of corneal hysteresis
  • Link to Pentacam for in depth ectasia analysis
  • Progression analysis for CXL
  • Biomechanical Tonometer and Corneal Analyser
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OCULUS Corvis® ST Biomechanical Tonometer and Corneal Analyser providing evaluation of Corneal Biomechanical Response, Tonometry & Pachymetry

The revolutionary OCULUS Corvis® ST Biomechanical Tonometer and Corneal Analyser records the reaction of the cornea to a defined air pulse with a newly developed high-speed Scheimpflug-camera that takes over 4 300 images per second. IOP and corneal thickness can be measured with great precision on the basis of the Scheimpflug images.

Biomechanical corrected IOP (bIOP)

More accurate IOP readings, less dependent on biomechanical properties and corneal thickness. The data are easy to read and to interpret, also the IOP follow-up is neatly arranged. IOP correction is based on corneal thickness, age and the biomechanical response of the cornea. Due to the measurement principle, the IOP measurements are not influenced by tear film.

Corvis Biomechanical Index (CBI)

Comprehensive biomechanical screening and keratoconus detection. The Vinciguerra Screening Report displays the patient’s results in comparison with normative values, presented in easy-to-grasp charts.

Tomographic Biomechanical Index (TBI)

Integration of Pentacam data for a combined tomographic and biomechanical analysis. The best of two worlds: TBI is calculated using an artificial intelligence approach to optimize ectasia detection. By combining tomographic data from the Pentacam with biomechanical data from the OCULUS Corvis ST one can further improve sensitivity and specificity in the detection of patients with a significant risk for developing ectasia after refractive surgery.

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270 (W) x 520 (D) x 495 (H) mm


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