Rimless Edger – NIDEK ME1200

Product Code: LE0534
At a glance:
  • Automatic 3D drilling and grooving
  • Glazes all lens and frame types
  • Most advanced retail edger
  • Step bevel / Partial step edging
  • Design mode includes advanced shape editor, partial grooving, design cut and facet
  • CoverPlan Available
  • 1 Year Guarantee

The worlds first automatic 3D drilling edger, the ME-1200 is the perfect solution for practices looking to offer rimless glazing and produce 20-80 jobs per day.

Boasting high tech features such as 3D grooving, radius measuring and step bevelling, the ME-1200 is the most advanced retail edger whilst still being extremely easy to use.

Automatic 3-D drilling and grooving

The 3-D drilling function enables the operator to create various hole shapes such as slots, notches, counter-bored and jewel holes. The 3-D grooving processes lens with pin-point accuracy resulting in highly attractive lens periphery regardless of lens shape, curve and thickness.

Step Bevel / Partial Step Edging

Prescription lenses can easily be mounted into sunglass frames which are traditionally difficult to mount due to an uneven eyewear profile.

User friendly operation

A colour touch display and jog dial offer easy operation as you would expect with NIDEK edging solutions.

High base curve lens processing

NIDEK’s unqiue front and rear independent grinding function offers a high base curve bevel with flawless results.

Dimensions: 600 (W) x 496 (D) x 355 (H) mm

Weight: 52 kg