Modular Edger – NIDEK LEX1200

Product Code: LE0562/LE0563
At a glance:
  • Modular edging solution with optional rimless drill
  • High curve and step bevel function
  • Optional integral tracer
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • CoverPlan Available

This modular system allows you to include the automated drilling unit at installation or in the future to suit your business requirements. 6 types of wheel configurations are available to suit your requirements.

A high-quality “first-cut” fit for unique and specialised lens edge profiles, such as high-wrap and shallow groove rims.

High base curve lens processing

A unique wheel design, in conjunction with patented software, provides a wide variety of lens edging to fit various frame shapes and styles.

Multi bevel function

A multitude of highly-customisable bevel shapes are available to meet today’s challenging frames.

Mini step bevel function

Highly specialised step bevel function grinds an asymmetrical shelf-style rear bevel with excellent lens-to-frame fit.

Equipped to read any shape at any curve, the LEX-1200 offers a quality finish to the most complex edging thanks to its specialty shaped wheels, newly designed software and built in high wrap frame tracer.

The optional LEX1200 drill provides automatic drilling of various hole types. A slim, compact design makes it an easy fit for any lab size.

Automated complex drilling with a single touch of the button. The LEX drill can easily process challenging drilling such as twin holes, rectangular holes, notches, jewel holes and counterbored holes automatically.

The Lex Drill has a compact body with a width of 145 mm and a depth of 477 mm.