Edger – NIDEK LE1200

Product Code: LE0564/LE0565
At a glance:
  • Most popular NIDEK edger in the UK & Ireland
  • 15% faster than conventional models
  • Available with built in high curve tracer
  • CoverPlan Available
  • 1 Year Guarantee

High speed, quality glazing, perfect for practices completing 20-80 jobs per day.

An enhanced edging speed up to 15% faster than previous LE models thanks to faster grinding capabilities with a short cycle time.

As with all NIDEK models, it is extremely easy to use providing a seamless glazing process.


A new tailored mini bevel is ideal for thin metal eyewire frames.


Optional built in state of the art tracer for accurate measurement of a wide array of frames including high wrap styles.


Fully automatic grooving and safety bevelling. Specially designed wheels provide highly accurate grooving and safety beveling – even high base curve lenses attain a high quality finish.


From the very first model, the core spirit of the LE series has blossomed through the years, and is now a sought after standard.

Dimensions: 528 (W) x 493 (D) x 345 (H) mm

Weight: 41 kg