Semi Automatic Blocker – NIDEK ICE900

Product Code: LE0529
At a glance:
  • Fast, new motorised lens blocking process
  • Integrated shape imager for auto hole detection
  • Colour tiltable screen
  • Quick twin jog dials
  • Partial step measurement
  • CoverPlan Available
  • 1 Year Guarantee

With all the benefits of the ICE Mini+ and more, the speed and unique features make this an ideal blocker for both the retail and wholesale laboratory environments.


Tiltable display:  Screen can be viewed at four different angles, making it ergonomically friendly whether in a sitting or standing position. The angle of the screen can be set to match that of the NIDEK LE edger range. Light intensity is compensated automatically, or manually adjusted on the touch screen, for better viewing of polarised or dark tinted lenses.




Integrated shape imager: detects any demo lens or pattern, including rimless drill mounts, and identifies hole position. In addition it automatically compensates horizontal axis. The operation is supported by a “Wizard Tutorial” on the screen of the unit, featuring user friendly instruction.



Oscillating Lens Table: The ICE mini+ features a 3-pin oscillating lens table with lens retaining clamp, which allows the operator to perfectly block the lens without any chance of lens movement.

Data Storage: The traced data obtained with the edger’s built-in tracer are automatically stored into the unit’s internal memory.

Optimal Viewing: The unit’s camera position allows for bifocal segment viewing. In addition, the ICE mini+ features a light diffuser for better viewing of a bifocal segment and lens edge for determining cut-out.

Fast and efficient: The motorised lens blocking process takes only two seconds, greatly increasing productivity.

Motorised blocking arm: offers a fast blocking process (only two seconds!), greatly increasing productivity.

Dimensions: 256 W x 367 D x 352 H mm

Weight: 8kg

See the product brochure for the full specification