NIDEK ICE-1500 Intelligent Blocker

At a glance:
  • Automatic lens blocking
  • Lens clamp with multi-function mechanism
  • High resolution, multi-colour LCD touch panel
  • Data management function
  • Easy design functionality with stylus pen
  • Automatic lens & shape image measurements
  • CoverPlan Available
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Elegance and accuracy light the path to perfect lens edging
Born from the pursuit of precision – A masterpiece in blocking

NIDEK proudly introduces the ICE-1500, an elite intelligent blocker. Precise blocking is the foundation for all lens processing. Perfectly manufactured eyewear results in enhanced customer satisfaction. The ICE-1500 plays an important role in lens edging. Working behind the scenes, it ultimately provides support for an excellent lens finish.

Automatic lens blocking
The lens cup is easily set to the cup holder. The ICE-1500 incorporates exceptional ingenuity, which makes quick and accurate automatic blocking possible.

Lens clamp with multi-function mechanism
The flexible lens clamp design stabilizes lens surface with optimal pressure for parallax-free blocking.

High resolution, multi-colour LCD touch panel
8.4-inch multi-colour display shows lens shape and layout information in actual size. Functions are represented with easy to understand icons for simple operation.

Data management function
Easy data management allows for more than 30,000 jobs/patterns storage and retrieval by frame manufacturer or type.


  • NIDEK ICE-1500 Intelligent Blocker Product Brochure Download