Intelligent Manual Blocker – NIDEK ICE Mini+

Product Code: LE0499
At a glance:
  • Quick and easy blocking in 3 simple steps
  • User friendly colour touch screen
  • Advanced shape and hole edit function
  • Data storage
  • Versatile network capability
  • CoverPlan Available
  • 1 Year Guarantee

The perfect combination of quality and value makes the ICE mini+ an outstanding choice.

Simple operation, quick and easy blocking in 3 manual steps.



Hole edit function

The hole position information can be converted into digital data and is editable with use of a stylus pen on the touch panel.

Oscillating Lens Table
The ICE mini+ features a 3-pin oscillating lens table with lens retaining clamp, which allows the operator to perfectly block the lens without any chance of lens movement.

Data Storage
The traced data obtained with the edger’s built-in tracer are automatically stored into the unit’s internal memory.

Optimal Viewing
The unit’s camera position allows for bifocal segment viewing. In addition, the ICE mini+ features a light diffuser for better viewing of a bifocal segment and lens edge for determining cut-out.

Colour touch screen

A large colour, touch screen for easy operation. Light intensity is compensated automatically, or manually adjusted on the touch screen, for better viewing of polarised or dark tinted lenses.


Dimensions: 230W x 367D x 292H mm

Weight: 6kg