Budget Glazing Pad – (1000) For Nidek Edgers

Product Code: LC0268
£11.00 Price exclusive of VAT
At a glance:
  • For use with Nidek edgers (Pad size 17x33mm)
  • Very commercially priced and manufactured to a budget.
  • The blue pad is very usable and used by 1000's of labs around the world and is a general purpose edging pad made in Europe.
  • Acrylic adhesive means that the pad is removed easily
  • Suitable for MAR lenses
  • Roll of 1,000 pads

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This is our standard pad for use with Nidek edging systems.

If you wish to use these for Super Hydrophobic lenses then please make sure that you use the Premium Surface Improvement Pad (LC0273)