5 Ltr Ultimate Disinfectant Concentrate

Product Code: LC0389
£21.99 Price exclusive of VAT
At a glance:
  • 5 Ltr Eco-Friendly Ultimate surface cleaner and disinfectant
  • Simply add 8 pumps using our Pelican pump (LC0390) top up to 750ml mark with water, shake and ready to use
  • Each 5ltr bottle will give 62 refills (at the correct concentrate) for the 750ml bottles making each bottle approx 35p!
  • Please ensure you use the correct amount of concentrate for the correct cleaning function
  • More info below

Firstly pump 8 pumps of the concentrate onto one of our 750ml plastic bottles (code LC0391)  using our special pelican pump (code LC0390)

Then top up to the 750ml mark with water

Shake the plastic bottle to ensure the solution is mixed

You are then ready to use.

Each 5ltr Bottle will allow for 62 refills of our plastic bottles

This makes each refilled bottle to cost approx. 35 pence, a very economical method of cleaning your practice.