Oculus Imagecam – Digital Slitlamp Camera -


One of the Smallest Slit Lamp Documentation Systems Available

The OCULUS ImageCam 2 is a compact, high-quality slit lamp documentation system that is compatible with nearly all common slit lamps available on the market.


  • Small and light-weight – The compactness of the beam splitter and the camera make your daily slit lamp examination easier.
  • Swivel in/out – The beam splitter prism of the ImageCam 2 can be swiveled completely out of the slit lamp’s beam path with a lever.
  • Iris aperture for control of brightness and depth of focus.
  • Universal compatibility – Thanks to its many adaptation possibilities, the OCULUS ImageCam 2 system is suitable for use with most slit lamps.
  • User-friendly software – The software is intuitive and easy to use. The software includes networkable viewer software for review of the images at the users network computers.
  • Single image from video – The ImageCam 2 lets you record your complete slit lamp examination as a video and choose the best images to save. Only the most clear images are stored.
  • Adjustable Aperture for greater field of view
  • Live image view
  • Multiple image capture for comparison
  • Storage of images on hard disc Imagecam