Nidek COS-5100 Compact Optometry System -


This ultimate space-saving refraction system of the 21st century

The COS-5100 is designed to perform precise and accurate refractions in half the time and one-third the space of traditional examinations.


  • The system includes auto-phoropter, slit lamp and space saving chart.
  • Compact – to save room space, the total footprint is just 1.2 by 1.7 metres!
  • Time Saving – gives practitioners the option of seeing more patients each day while also creating more time for diagnosis and patient consultation.
  • Automatic Chart Position Adjustment – the refractor and the chart height is coordinated.
  • Highly advanced and space saving optometric workstation incorporating a refractor, auto ref/keratometer, slit lamp, space saving chart, lensmeter, etc.
  • Various system configurations to fit each customer’s needs.