Nidek VersaCam DS-20 Fundus Camera -

VersaCam_α_07_Station_monitor 2

Retinal imaging just changed with the new Nidek VersaCam DS-20.

The Versacam, designed specifically for portable Fundus Imaging, provides high quality images with simple functionality with a lightweight design for easy portability.



The VersaCam is easily portable, weighing only 400grams including the ophthalmoscope adapter, enabling you to use the instrument off site when visiting patients, or even in store when space is an issue for desktop products.

One handed operation

The user friendly design enables you to easily use the instrument with one hand.

High quality imaging

The Versacam features a 5-megapixel Fundus Camera with a 45 degree horizontal angle of view. This handheld medical scope achieves ease of use for image capture of a patient who is seated or in the supine position. This unit is also attachable to a slit lamp.


Easy image capture and review

The Versacam features auto focus and 7 internal fixation lamps which allows easy image capture with a single button while maintaining stable fixation. Optional accessories include, a slit lamp attachment and foot switch, minimizing image blur due to hand movement during measurement. Data with can be easily reviewed with a 3.5-inch color LCD touch screen.

Simple data transfer and management

Captured data can be saved on a SD memory card and transferred to and managed by the NAVIS-EX (image filing software for NIDEK devices).