Keeler Symphony K Slit Lamp (Haag Streit) -


Trade in acceptable for exceptional


  • LED and Halogen Bulb systems available
  • Magnification – x6, x10, x16, x25 and x40
  • Slit Width – 0 to 12mm (1.8mm to 12mm continuously variable)
  • Slit Length – 12mm (1.8mm to 12mm continuously variable)
  • Aperture diameters – 0.2mm, 1mm square, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 9mm and 12mm
  • Filters – Clear, red free, neutral density, diffuser, blue, IR heat absorbing filter permanently installed


Painstakingly crafted Slit Lamps

Introducing Symphony from Keeler – quality design and leading technology Slit Lamps with a contemporary design. It’s very simple. A slit lamp designed to exceed performance expectations.

Exceptional Optics

Keeler is renowned for market-leading optics and has been dedicated to optical design and manufacture for nearly 100 years. Their customers have absolute confidence in the quality, accuracy and reliability our optical design delivers.

The advanced design and manufacturing techniques give the Keeler Symphony the advantage of quite simply stunning optical performance.

Outstanding reliability

We understand how important the Slit Lamp is to your practice. You rely on it to provide accurate diagnostic and examination results day in, day out. Failure is simply not an option.

With Keeler Symphony, you can rest assured that exceptional attention to detail, on every single component, will ensure optimum performance and reliability time after time.

Let there be LEDs

The LED has been carefully selected for its performance, with a colour temperature of
3,800k, and a truly homogeneous light patch. The imperceptible increase in blue light levels will increase efficiency when fluorescence is required and give increased detail to small structures, such as the endothelium.

Most halogen lamps have a life of around 100 hours. Typically, a Keeler LED will provide 10,000 or more hours, giving you 100 times the life of your halogen lamp. A small additional initial investment will reap significant lifetime cost benefits.