Nidek Tonoref III -

4 in 1 Revolutionary Pre Screening Device

Combination of Auto Refractometer, Auto Keratometer, Non Contact Tonometer and Non Contact Pachymeter.

The new Tonoref III hosts many advantages and benefits such as:

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Accommodation measurement and opacity assessment
  • User-friendly design
  • Space saving design that is a comfortable and efficient upgrade to your practice
  • Allowing multiple measurements to be performed at one sitting
  • Maximising clinical efficiency
  • Improved patient comfort


Automated calculation of corrected IOP based on the central corneal thickness

Tonoref III - IOP 2

Accommodation measurement

Tonoref III - Accomodation



Large pupil zone imaging method


Tonoref III - Pupil zone


Patient-friendly air puff

  • Automatic Puff Control (APC)
  • Softer and quieter air puff

  • Gentle nozzle design


Tonoref III - Air Puff


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