Nidek AR-1 Auto Refractometer -


The superior Auto-Refractometer

The NIDEK AR-1 surpasses a conventional auto-refractor with technologically enhanced functions generating greater accuracy and clinical information

Features include:

  • Accurate Refraction Measurement
    • Large pupil zone imaging method
    • Super luminescent diode and highly sensitive CCD
    • Optimal fogging to minimize accommodation


  • VA Measurement with glare test
    • VA Measurement with built in charts and lenses
    • Recall function for instant vision comparisons
    • Contrast and Glare Test


  • Simple Opacity Assessment
    • Retro-illumination image


  • Patient-friendly Accommodation Measurement
    • Accommodation measurement with artificial intelligence algorithm
    • Measurement with astigmatism correction
    • Assessment for intermediate or near vision lens