Nidek MP-3 Micro-Perimeter -

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The automatic Microperimeter and Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera

Gain advanced functional evaluation of retinal pathology via the new NIDEK microperimeter. The NIDEK MP-3 measures local retinal sensitivity for functional assessment of the retina. The results can be displayed over a colour fundus image, correlating retinal anatomy to retinal function.

Combined Perimetry & Fundus Imaging
Accurate, fully automatic assessment of the macular function is achieved by effectively integrating in a single instrument the objectivity of fundus imaging and the subjectivity of computerised perimetry

Computerised Micro-perimetry
Accurate detection and measurement of visual sensory outcomes.
A flexible and user programmable set of parameters specifies the stimulus intensity, shape and size along with foreground and background colour.

Fully automated examination with selectable target strategies.
P45¼ Non-Mydriatic Digital Fundus Photography
IR light is used for observation and real-time, non-mydriatic retinal images are displayed on the monitor during examination.

Colour digital images are captured at the beginning or at the end of the examination.

High-Speed, On-Line Image Tracking
The MP-3’s high-speed image-tracking software ensures exact spatial correlation between the anatomic
landmarks revealed by digital fundus imaging and the visual sensitivity maps obtained by macular perimetry.

Quantitative Assessment of Fixation
The fundus movements are tracked while the patient gazes steadily at the fixation target.
The autotracking system calculates X and Y shifts relative to a reference frame and returns a map of the patient’s eye movements during the examination.

Mapping a Scotoma
Absolute or relative non-seeing areas within the visual field are accurately detected and delimited.
A light stimulus projected onto the patient’s retina is moved radially from a test location selected by the operator until it is visible to the patient.

Selectable built-in or custom Perimetry Programs
Projection of dynamic, structured and selectable targets of varying shape and size (standard Goldmann targets, operator-defined targets and bitmaps).Target number, target intensity, position strategies and fixation stimuli are other programmable features.