Oculus Keratograph K5M -

A revolution in corneal topography and non-invasive Dry Eye analysis

This unique device includes examining the meibomian glands, non-invasive tear film break-up time, tear meniscus height measurement, contact lens fitting and hosts a very large array of different clinical capabilities.

The multi-purpose Topographer has become an integral part of the Ophthalmological and Optometric practice. Examiner-independent measurements provide reliable data, clear analyses and full documentation.

Features include:

  • Examination of the meibomian glands
  • Non invasive tear film break-up time
  • Tear meniscus height measurement
  • Evaluation of the lipid layer
  • Visual maps and easy to understand diagrams
  • Enhances communication with your patients
  •  jenvis-dry-eye-report.
  • Keratometry
  • Meibography
  • Non invasive tear film assessment
  • Keratoconus detection
  • Contact Lens Fitting

Want to impress your patients?

The K5M allows you to show your patients images they have never seen before which in turn allows you to gain patient trust by providing professional consultation during examinations and follow-ups.

The many easy to understand displays support you in communication and patient education and you can use your Keratograph 5M as a marketing tool to make your services like no other!

And it doesn’t end there…

When purchasing the K5, you can get your hands on marketing material by downloading a patient leaflet and poster to advertise in your practice. See an example here:


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