Nidek RHU-1500 Robotic Handling Unit



I AM… NIDEK RHU-1500 Robotic Handling Unit. I substantially increase the output of finished lenses in your lab and decrease labour-intensive operations. Designed to accommodate high volume lens processing and easy to program, the RHU-1500 will increase profits and enable faster service to customers. I can be purchased with an optical tray stacker (RHU-1500 S) or can be custom-fitted to a conveyor belt system (RHU-1500 CB). When partnered with NIDEK’s SE-9090 Supra L and the AHM-1000 I offer automatic and continuous lens processing for labs. This combination of machines enables the system to glaze full rim frames, supra frames, rimless frames and wrap frames.

What Makes Me Special?

  • Volume production – Maintaining high precision and lens finish quality
  • Produce all glaze types incl. rimless, supra and wrap frames.
  • Decreases labour intensive operations
  • Ultra smooth and fine polishing.
  • Frames, rimless frames and wrap frames.
  • Edging
  • Drilling
  • Automatic Tilting Based on the Curve of the Lens Surface
  • Grooving
  • Automatic Control of Grooving Width
  • Chamfering
  • With Advanced Polishing Capability
  • High Base wrap capability for Bevel and grove finishing