Nidek AES-2200 Auto Edging System


Unique Automation

I AM… NIDEK AES-2200 Auto Edging System – NIDEK ‘s new automatic lab system combining the RHU-2200 and two units of SE-9090 Supra, top end edger for laboratory. The RHU-2200, NIDEK’s state-of-the-art robotic handling unit, has unlimited possibilities, offering a great advantage of being able to organize the innovative lab system. My unique automation system opens the new door to the next stage of laboratory business.

What Makes Me Special?

  • High Speed Processing
  • Space Savings
  • Easy Setup of full automation
  • Double arm mechanism
  • Tray lifter

Use this Robotic Handling Unit with...

Use this Robotic Handling Unit with...