Nidek SE-1 Xtrimer Dry-Cut Edger


Revolutionary Design

I AM… NIDEK SE-1 high speed, Dry-cut Edger. I impress in both speed and capability by addressing the growing complexities of today’s frame shapes and lens materials, comprising astonishing speed and 3-D fit. If you want to achieve high volume productivity with limited space then look no further then the SE-1 / RHU-2200 dual arm configuration which offers a ‘tray lifting’ technology and NICS unique conveyor software

 What Makes Me Special?

  • Astonishing speed and “3D-fit” – The 5-axis engineering design, combined with a specialized high-speed motor, maximizes throughput efficiency. Our true “3D-fit” technology is complemented by a new interlocking mechanical cutting method which vastly increases the first-time-fit ratio.
  • Multiple-shape capability – Incorporating individual processing tools, the Xtrimer SE-1 expedites the roughing process on all organic lens materials, including Trivex and Polycarbonate. The unit completes the 3-D cutting cycle and is capable of making “tiltable bevel profiles” (inclined bevels) and drilling a multitude of difficult shapes, all while providing an uncompromised finished lens.
  • Intuitive screen design and high resolution graphicsJob data and grinding condition settings are displayed in high-resolution graphics on the large, colour LCD touch screen for easy job verification. Designed to be extremely user-friendly, the Xtrimer SE-1 allows the operator to achieve accurate, reliable, and flexible performance with the simple touch of the screen.